When the vacation ends

IMG_3926We all know vacations have to end at some point. After all, there is a reason they are called vacations. And, we can’t all just leave our lives behind until the money runs out like the Zac Brown Band does in the song Toes.

What happens when that relaxing vacation comes to an end? As a homebody with an anxiety disorder my vacation ends on the trip back home. I’m excited to go home, yet nervous about traveling. I don’t know why, but the act of actually traveling makes me really nervous.

On the way home I begin thinking of the household chores and work things that I left behind several days ago. I wonder how many emails I’ve got to take care Monday morning. The family starts asking what’s for dinner, as I make the grocery list.

Once we arrive home we all stumble to couch and have that travel-weary look about us. I survey the house to see the damage we left behind since I never remember the state cleanliness. The dogs get a once over, and plenty of hugs. We unpack, and put the laundry on.


I believe we are creatures of habit. Sure, when you are younger it’s easier to be more spontaneous. But, as you get older things become a little more predictable. I thrive on my routine. I like to go grocery shopping the same day of the week, and go to the gym the same times of day. The family has certain times we have to leave for school and work, as well as, return home.

Although I love enjoy the travel and the time away, I really appreciate everything when I return. I feel like Jimmy Stuart’s character at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life- when he returns home and loves the sounds of his daughter practicing paino (that drove him crazy before), he is so excited to see his kids and he even loves the broken bannister.
I feel the same way! Sure, I don’t look forward to the Monday morning alarm, but I’m refreshed. The first time I go to the grocery store after I return home I walk in and think, “I’m back at MY grocery store.” I find comfort in the smells and sounds of the gym on my first workout back. I’m happy to cook dinner and clean the house because it’s mine and I’m home- in my comfort zone.

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