What is Wrong with People?

Why do people think it’s okay to be mean? It’s the United Airlines incident that has my feathers ruffled this morning.

They overbooked a flight, offered another flight and a monetary reward for volunteers to not board the plane and let their 4 crew members travel to their destinations for work. Three people volunteered and took later flights. Everyone boarded the plane, and then they decided this one doctor should give up his seat. He fought them and didn’t want to give up his seat, apparently he started yelling. ┬áThen, United airlines called security to remove this man from the plane. They ended up forcibly removing the man, dragging him off the plane, literally, and he ended up bloody somehow once he was off the plane.

It wasn’t enough for them to physically assault this man. The CEO of United Airlines made a statement, which she should, but he defended the actions of the airline and the security people. He said they followed protocol. There was no apology; no kindness. Protocol? How is protocol to forcibly remove and physically assault someone?

I just don’t understand what makes people think it’s okay to behave this way. The security guys were following orders and the guy was belligerent- maybe. But the video I saw the guy is screaming and being dragged away.

Being mean and unkind is NOT okay. If it is their job to assault people where does the line get drawn? When does it stop? There is enough abuse of power as it is.

I know it’s a long shot, but I read enough dystopian novels to see the world we live in today as the beginning of a dystopian society where those in power don’t care about anyone else. They only care about themselves. Other people just follow orders and hurt others to “keep them in line”. ┬áThere’s also the mob mentality. If a fight gets started or people panic- then everyone joins.

If we normalize acts of violence in any form we are going against God, against kindness and love, and against supporting humanity. Where do we draw the line and when does it stop?

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