It’s me! Alisha

About me….. lets see…


I earned my undergrad in Marketing from the University of Tennessee back in 2001- if that tells you how old I am. I went back to grad school at Candler School of Theology at Emory.

From there I worked as a pastor (still love me some Jesus) for 5 years, until my son was 1. Long story short, I witnessed sexual harassment of a minor. And the way I reported this (all by the book btw) was seen as insubordination. But, ultimately, it made the main pastor look bad, so instead of admitting their mistake, they made ME look like a terrible pastor, and I was “offered” a nice demotion that politely declined.

I spent 3 crazy years running an in-home day care until my second child entered pre-k. I loved the kids I watched, but man, that was exhausting.


Now, I work part-time in sales for an athletic marketing company (you won’t see any sports here). And my other, full-time job is being a mom, and I LOVE it.

I like crafting, so you see some how-tos for adult and kids crafts here. I’m no Martha Stewart, thus, my crafts are really easy and inexpensive. And when I fail, it’s pretty awesome. I’ll be sure to show you.

I like trying new things, so I really enjoy painting– like easy paint and sip type stuff. I might show you something if I actually think of something original.

Trying new things is also how I got into photography. I have a nice camera that I don’t know how to use, but I enjoy using it. Below is one of the first, and still my favorite photo that I’ve taken. (If you like it to, you can click here to purchase it- shameless plug for my Etsy shop, I know, but I do like the picture).

bathtub 4x6 jpg

My very own bathtubs photo that you can purchase on Etsy.


I like to cook, but unfortunately I have to be gluten free and it’s torture. I love sweets (I’ve earned it after the gym), and I don’t like to be in the kitchen more than about 30 minutes, so any recipes you see will be quick and easy and gluten free.

Love to read. It’s relaxing. Love my book club. We drink. A lot. And, then I force everyone to talk about books.

Even though I’m not that old, I have plenty of ailments including, and not limited to a lovely anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia (means I have unexplained pain), migraines, and you’re bored by now.

Soooo, that’s me and likely the type of posts you’ll find on this blog. Enjoy, subscribe, and share with your friends.